LMC Crane Controls

LMC™ Crane Controls by Cableform Inc
Retrofits & New Installation

Hoist Controls for up to 500HP Hoist Motors

Solid-State IGBT Control of series-wound DC hoist motors delivers high torque at startup, adjustable speed points and acceleration / deceleration ramps, electric braking and elimination of all contactor problems

Easy Retrofit Installations

- Connect existing power cables
- Connect existing motor cables
- Connect existing brake cables
- Connect existing operator controls
- Fine-tune pre-set acceleration ramps, speed points and braking

Save Energy Costs

Motor energy consumption reduced by 66.5% plus torque boost at startup is 7 amps in the motor for every 1 amp drawn from the power source-motors work easier and last longer

Save Maintenance Costs

Solid-state construction, no wear components plus microprocessor control of contactors means contactors never make or break a load with Microprocessor Logic, 5-speed card & IGBT's

LMC Hoist Control Technology Eliminates problems caused by

- Brownouts and discontinuity of the power supply
- Substantial negative ring of supply voltages
- Positive-going transients caused by switching off other machines

Patented Hoist Control

- True series motor hoist circuit-
- True shunt motor lowering circuit
- Emergency Brake Contactor
- Upper Limit Switch Coordination
- DB Circuit IGBT Switch + Parallel Contactor

Additional Benefits

- Open architecture panel design
- All components easily accessible
- Multiple operator control choices
- Fault register for easy troubleshooting
- Hand-held data terminal for setup, changes in setup and diagnostics
- Works with Series Brakes and/or Shunt Brakes-specify when ordering
- Duplex & quadruplex available

Typical Specifications:

- Voltage: 230 VDC Nominal, 460VDC Max, 120 VDC min
- DC Mill Motor Frame: 602, 802 through 622,822
- Ambient Operating Temperature: +50°C Maximum to -10°C Minimum
- High ambient drives available: +60°C Maximum to -10°C Minimum
- Diagnostics & Parameter Adjustment: Data Terminal, Part No. A62499
- DB Resistor: required but not included, reuse existing units in good condition