Product Description

The Digital Magnamat consists of two back to back fully controlled Thyristor rectifier bridges. One of the bridges is used to supply the lifting current and the other bridge to provide the demagnetizing dropping current.Both bridges are also used to return the stored energy in the magnet back to the mains. The system is suitable for any magnet voltage up to a maximum of 440 V DC.

The product in its present form offers the possibility of four different magnet applications being called up.For every application a dedicated set of parameters is available to meet the specific requirements of the relevant application.



- Excellent reliability due to robust, vibration resistant mechanical construction
- DC Contactors are eliminated
- Low maintenance and reduced operating costs
- User friendly control panel and keyboard control interface
- No additional rectifiers are required
- Significant space savings due to compact dimensions
- Energy returned to network therefore improved efficiency
- Demagnetising voltage is automatically supplied allowing for quick release of product